THIS BRIEFING is based principally on a meeting of the Atlantis Group that was held on 22 March 2019 at the Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai, UAE. The meeting was held in committee and attended by 15 members, all former national and regional ministers of education or heads of government.

Over the course of the day, the Atlantis Group committee sat to hear testimony about educational technology from 16 expert witnesses selected by the Varkey Foundation and the Tmrw Institute. Lists of the witnesses and Atlantis Group members are available at the end of this briefing. Their statements are unattributed.

The Atlantis Group hearing covered a range of aspects of educational technology, including its use in schools today, the key trends for such technology, the challenges faced by schools in adopting learning technologies, and how they may contribute to social good.

The group’s findings are set out here in two separate sections. The first explores the political obstacles to EdTech succeeding today. The second examines the trends for the future of educational technology.

The Atlantis Group extends its gratitude to all of the expert witnesses who contributed testimony and gave evidence to the committee. 

Contributing experts
  • Aditi Advasthi, Founder and CEO, Embibe
  • Ronit Avni, Founder and CEO, Localized
  • John Ingram, CEO, Pamoja
  • Kaja Jasinska, Assistant Professor, University of Delaware
  • John Jong-Hyun Kim, Senior Lecturer, Business School, Harvard University
  • Paul Kim, Assistant Dean and Chief Technology Officer, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University
  • Simon Lebus, Non-Executive Chairman, Pamoja
  • Leah Lommel, Assistant Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, EdPlus, Arizona State University
  • Ross MacLean, Group Chief Digital Officer, GEMS Education
  • Amy Ogan, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Vijita Patel, Principal, Swiss Cottage School
  • Ana Gabriela Pessoa, VP Strategic Partnerships, Pearson
  • Philip Regier, CEO, EdPlus and University Dean for Educational Initiatives, Arizona State University
  • Martin Siltberg, Business Development, SANA Labs
  • Charles Wiles, Founder and CEO, Zzish 
  • Barbara Zielonka, English Teacher, Nannestad High School, Norway (Global Teacher Prize Finalist 2018)