14 oct. 2020 |

In the framework of an alliance and under the hashtag #aprendeentiktok, teachers from Latin America are invited to create educational audiovisual content to promote and motivate the learning of their students.

The context of the pandemic led teachers to reinvent themselves in order to maintain the link with students. Non-presence encouraged innovation in learning techniques and reflection on teaching methods.

TikTok and Varkey Foundation join forces to empower teachers as creators of audiovisual educational content, seeking to awaken students' interest in learning from a platform that is already widely used by them. To this end, the Varkey Foundation is training teachers from all over Latin America in the pedagogical use of TikTok, promoting the creation of innovative and meaningful proposals within a safe environment for students.

Atenea Community, an initiative of Varkey Foundation, is the social network for the collaborative learning community of teachers in Latin America. Through their TikTok account (@comunidadatenea), they share videos created by teachers in the region. In order to promote educational content, TikTok has created the hashtag #aprendeentiktok that highlights these types of videos.

The alliance is part of a joint effort to make teachers' creations visible and to motivate students' passion for learning.

Agustín Porres, Regional Director for Latin America of the Varkey Foundation, said:

"One of the things we have learned in these complex times of pandemic is that we have many more tools at our disposal than we thought. Teachers have been using them and bridging the gap between them and the students, taking advantage of the openness and creativity towards technology. We want to facilitate and encourage that use.

Noel Nuez, Regional Manager for LATAM at TikTok, said:

"We are confident in the power of TikTok for learning - the effects, music, audios and tools help create pieces of educational content that meet the entertainment demands of our audience. We are committed to the pedagogical use of TikTok and that people enjoy learning.


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