Global Education And Skills Forum

Global Education & Skills Forum

We are the proud convenors of the Global Education & Skills Forum. This forum is a crucial annual conference which brings together world leaders from the public, private and social sectors to work towards education, equity and employment for all.

We collaborate with partners including UNESCO, the Asian Development Bank and Education International, working to identify ground-breaking research, educational models and world-changing strategies which will give children across the world a quality education and an equal start in life.

Above all, the forum is an essential platform on which the world's educational and thought leaders can start to tackle that all-important question: “How?”

The Theme for 2016

In 2016, the Forum will ask how we can make education everybody's business, to reconcile relevance, excellence and inclusiveness of both public and private learning environments through collective responsibility by poiticians, business leaders, the teaching profession and the media. Find out more about the Forum.



The Global Education and Skills Forum is the leading multi-stakeholder education event bringing together leaders from the Public, Private and Social sectors together annually to address how we can deliver on the promise of education, equity and employment for all.
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