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Reunir as habilidades e experiências dos ex-ministros da educação e ex-chefes de governo interessados em todo o mundo.


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About the Atlantis Group |

Bringing together former education ministers worldwide

The Atlantis Group is a body of 26 former ministers of education and heads of government from around the world. Its members have over 90 years of combined experience in managing public education systems. The group advocates for action by the international community to address global issues in education and also puts its expertise and experience at the disposal of governments. The Atlantis Group was established by the Varkey Foundation, a global education charity, and launched at the 2017 Global Education & Skills Forum at the Atlantis The Palm hotel in Dubai, UAE.


The members of the Atlantis Group
Rosalía Arteaga

President and Vice-President of Ecuador [1996-1998]

Esteban Bullrich

Minister of Education and Sports of Argentina [2015-2017] and Minister of Education of Buenos Aires [2010-2015]

David Coltart

Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture of Zimbabwe [2009-2013]

Claudia Costin

Secretary of Education for Rio de Janeiro [2009-2014]

Nuno Crato

Minister of Education and Science of Portugal [2011-2015]

Jorge Ferrão

Minister of Education and Human Development of Mozambique [2015-2016]

Luis Garcia de Brigard

Deputy Minister of Education of Colombia [2014-2015]

Stefania Giannini

Minister of Education, Universities and Research of Italy [2014-2016]

Justine Greening

Secretary of State for Education of the UK [2016-2018]

Zlatko Lagumdžija

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina [2001-2002]

Ju-Ho Lee

Minister of Education, Science and Technology of South Korea [2010-2013]

Brother Armin Luistro

Minister of Education, Science and Technology of the Philippines [2010-2016]

Silas Lwakabamba

Minister of Education of Rwanda [2014-2015]

Bálint Magyar

Minister of Education of Hungary [1996-1998; 2002-2006]

Steve Maharey

Minister of Education of New Zealand [2005-2007]

George Papandreou

Prime Minister of Greece [2009-2011]; Minister of Education and Religious Affairs of Greece [1994-1996]

Hekia Parata

Minister of Education of New Zealand [2011-2017]

Remus Pricopie

Minister of Education and Research of Romania [2012-2014] and State Secretary of Higher Education and Research of Romania [2007-2008]

Jo Ritzen

Minister of Education and Science and of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands [1989-1998]

Jaime Saavedra

Minister of Education of Peru [2013-2016]

Sabri Saidam

Minister of Education and Higher Education of Palestine [2015-2019]

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

Minister of Education, Higher Education and Research of France [2014-2017]

Androulla Vassiliou

European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth [2010-2014]

Josefina Vazquez Mota

Secretary of Public Education of Mexico [2006-2009]

Srdjan Verbić

Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia [2014-2016]

George Werner

Minister of Education of Liberia [2015-2018]