New Thinking On Education

We believe that the world needs new thinking to address the global education crisis. That's why The Varkey Foundation is working with some of the world's foremost experts on education and skills to deliver new research, toolkits and advocacy materials.

Our Alliances

Global Education & Skills Forum Alliances are groups of experts brought together by The Varkey Foundation to think about how education can change the world. Their members include leaders from academia, government, business, civil society and teaching.

Each alliance convenes around a particular theme. Some alliances work on the key issues of our time, such as conflict and climate change. Others focus on the big questions in education, including what makes effective teachers, how data can be collected responsibly, and how universities can successfully partner with each other.

Together, these expert groups are breaking new ground on some of education’s biggest issues.

Learn more about our 2017/2018 Alliances:

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