Leadership & Innovation, Argentina

An intensive six-week programme for school leaders in Argentina.

Leadership & Innovation, Argentina is an intensive six week program designed for current and aspiring school leaders with a special focus in leadership, innovation, communication and technology.

The programme develops the essential skills school principals need to become the managers of real change within their own institutions. The programme takes place in special training centres with a team of local experts and has been designed by The Varkey Foundation with the support of the Argentinian Department of Education. We aim to train more than 15,000 principles. We believe effective school leadership is critical to high student achievement. 

The programme has impacted:

About the curriculum

The programme is practical, challenging and intellectually engaging. It is made up of six modules:

  1. Educational leadership for organizational development and school reform: Effective leadership is about building teams. This module explores how teams are built and empowered in schools, including through the principle of distributed leadership. The second part of the module addresses how the 21st Century is reshaping what leadership looks like.
  2. Managing technology integration: Information Technology has the power to transform the efficiency and effectiveness of schools. This module teaches participants how they can plan, manage and sustain effective IT systems in their schools. The module also addresses how leaders can manage the risks that technology can pose to students.
  3. Leading and managing learning, creativity and curriculum innovation: Effective school leaders create a climate where original thinking enhances the learning experience and leads to curriculum innovation. In this module, participants analyse the different levels of the curriculum. Participants also learn about innovative practices and develop analytical skills.
  4. Educational leadership for quality assurance and to improve performance in the teaching and learning process: Effective leadership ensures that everyone is accountable for their own quality. This module addresses the processes of teaching and learning. It draws upon a number of different approaches, including neuroscience, the impact of emotions in the learning process, the importance of difference and how to ensure inclusion in education.
  5. Leading Teacher Professional Development: Leaders should always be prepared to update their own knowledge and skills. This module encourages the participants to identify their existing skills, as well as areas for further development. The module also examines how to analyse and design new teacher training strategies.
  6. Leading and Developing Community Relations: School leaders are responsible for ensuring that their institution is at the heart of their community. This module helps school leaders to develop relationships within the school, with the families of pupils and with the wider community.

Each module has its own assessment tool, which integrates theory with practice. The facilitators evaluate the participants’ performance and feed back to them.

School Innovation Project

During the six weeks, participants must conduct an analysis of their institution and propose a project to improve it. They must then deliver a final project for evaluation by the programme facilitators.

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