Teach to Reach Remote Classrooms

In collaboration with UNHCR, our interactive distance learning project aims to improve the quality of education delivered to refugee children in Ghana.

Teach to Reach Remote Classrooms (TRC) is an interactive distance learning project which aims to improve the educational experience of refugee children, largely from Cote d’Ivoire, residing in 2 refugee camps in Ghana.

Operating since May 2017 through the UNHCR’s Innovation Fund, we deliver maths and English tuition as well as after school gender empowerment classes.

Lessons are broadcast to the camps by master trainers based in our studios in Accra, using satellite technology and solar power for energy reliability and cost-effectiveness.

A pilot project phase ran between May-December 2017 in Ampain refugee camp in the Western Region of Ghana. Qualitative research found improved punctuality, motivation, pronunciation, sound recognition with pupils eager to interact and engage with technology. We provided:

The second phase will see the continuation of tuition in Ampain Refugee Camp and the extension of the TRC project to Egyeikrom Refugee Camp located in the Central Region of Ghana. Nearly 400 pupils will benefit from the project between May – December 2018.

Teacher training is also offered as part of the project, covering topics such as learner engagement, improving outcomes with learning objectives and improving teaching through classroom observation. The first phase of the project noted the following improvements:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Lessons became more student-centered
  • Better methodology and classroom management was employed

Students benefiting from this project are largely from neighboring Cote d’Ivoire and have been displaced by conflict. Through education we work to better integrate these students and their communities into their host country and society. This is achieved through the use of technology which makes remote places accessible, connects disadvantaged children with other learning communities (students get to see students in other classrooms) and brings them all the benefits of being connected online.

"Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude – the project is fantastic and helps teachers as well as children."
Headteacher, Ampain Refugee Camp

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