Global Citizenship Education

Teachers are the key to creating a new generation of truly global citizens.

The Global Citizenship Education Alliance has created a new tool to guide school leaders and teachers.

Read the report: Cultivating Global Citizens

To meet the opportunities and challenges of today’s interdependent world, it’s more important than ever to cultivate global citizenship in pupils. A new tool developed by The Varkey Foundation’s Global Citizenship Education Alliance invites schools leaders and teachers to measure the extent to which they are promoting global citizenship through their systems, policies, and partnerships.

The tool is the culmination of a year of research into global citizenship by the alliance, an international group of experts formed by The Varkey Foundation at the Global Education & Skills Forum 2017. The tool helps teachers and school leaders assess their global citizenship performance by measuring four factors:

Institutional Practices: The extent to which schools advance global citizenship through systems, policies, and partnerships that support and sustain it.
Curriculum and Pedagogy: How schools promote Global Citizenship Education through the content of the curriculum and through inclusive pedagogical approaches that enable students to actively engage.
Professional Development: How schools expand their staff’s capacity to educate global citizens by offering globally focused professional development through internal and external sources.
School Culture: The extent to which schools teach the values of global citizenship through the type of school environment and community-building they embrace.

Jennifer Boyle
, Primary Source and Nafisa Shekhova, Aga Khan Foundation

A new report drafted by the alliance to accompany the tool examines out the common challenges, solutions and outcomes faced by teachers and schools leaders in implementing global citizenship across the world. The report, Cultivating Global Citizens, gives examples of best practice in Global Citizenship Education in case studies of schools in Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, Palestine, the USA and India.

The Global Citizenship Alliance is:

Name *Organisation
Jennifer Boyle [co-chair] Primary Source
Nafisa Shekhova [co-chair] Aga Khan Foundation
Deborah Cunningham Primary Source
Elisa Guerra Cruz  Global Teacher Prize Finalist
Luis Enrique García de Brigard Appian Education Ventures LLC [former Deputy Minister of Education of Colombia]
Anthony Jackson Asia Society
Ian Jamison Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
Tony Little GEMS Education
Svein Osttveit UNESCO
Fernando M. Reimers Harvard Graduate School of Education
Angelo Riccaboni University of Siena
Shabria Saifi Student
Jordan Shapiro Joan Ganz Cooney Centre at Sesame Workshop
Yi Wang UWC Changshu China
Garret Rubin [supporting member] Research for Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Centre, University of Cambridge
*The information and views set out in outputs by the Alliance are those of its Members and do not necessarily reflect the official opinions or positions of their organizations.