North America

Global Teacher Prize
The US and Canada are home to some of the best teachers in the world – including two winners of the US$1 million Global Teacher Prize. 2015 Global Teacher Prize winner, Nancie Atwell and 2017 Global Teacher Prize winner Maggie MacDonnell.

Policy & Research
We think that research has the power to challenge traditional narratives about education in North America. Through our global research, we continue to map the social status of teachers in the US and Canada, as well as the views and attitudes of young people and parents.

We also know that that action by international institutions based in the US is vital to addressing the global education crisis. As part of our mission to ensure that every child has a good teacher, The Varkey Foundation regularly undertakes advocacy at UN Headquarters in New York as well as other international bodies, calling upon States to meet the Sustainable Development Goal on Education and to ensure the right of everyone to education.

We fundamentally believe in the power of bringing together groups of like-minded leaders and thinkers to change education for the better. Today, leaders from North America are represented in our Atlantis Group of former ministers of education and our Global Teacher Prize Ambassador community – a network of some of the best educators in the world.