Latin America

Good leadership is fundamental to better education. That’s why our ground-breaking work in Latin America focuses on transforming leadership in schools.

Argentina is at the heart of the work we do in the region. Our Leadership and Innovation programme has had a major impact. More than 1,100 school leaders have completed a six-week course that sparks transformational change in schools throughout the country.

The leaders we train create schools where innovative curricula and teacher education is championed and the community is engaged in school life.

This flagship programme, which is supported by the Argentinian Department of Education, has helped thousands of pupils benefit from a higher quality education.

And to ensure even more children have access to a better education, we aim to train at least 15,000 principles.

Global Teacher Prize and National Teacher Prizes
We are very proud to celebrate the best teaching across Latin America through support for National Teacher Prizes in Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay and our $1 million Global Teacher Prize.

In 2019 Martin Salvetti was part of our Global Teacher Prize Top 10 and in 2018, two of the top 10 Global Teacher Prize finalists were from schools in Latin America. By revolutionising his school’s curriculum, Colombian finalist Luis Miguel Bermudez Gutierrez successfully reduced teenage pregnancy and sexual and gender-based violence. For his work, Luis was recognised as Best Teacher of Colombia in 2017.

Brazilian finalist Diego Mahfouz Farina Lima forged stronger links between his school and the local community, persuading people to refurbish the school and businesses to donate materials. Alongside reducing truancy and violence, Diego has also focused on teaching standards, stemming from a belief that “everyone in the school community is an educator and therefore learns and teaches.”

Policy and research
The Latin-American Coalition For Excellence on Teaching (14 countries) is held by the Varkey Foundation, Inicia Educación and the Interamerican Dialogue in order to discuss, research and advise on teaching policies so that they can prepare people to teach future generations of Latin America. We think research holds the answers to some of the most important questions in education throughout Latin America. Using data from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, we challenge policy-makers and governments to deliver high quality education.

We also bring together groups of like-minded people, from top leaders and thinkers represented in our Atlantis Group to our Global Teacher Prize Ambassador community, to improve education for young people and celebrate the region’s best teachers.