Nicholas Piachaud
Monday 22nd of May 2017
Education is key to combating climate change, one of the world’s best teachers told a UN-backed forum on 15 May.
Marie-Christine Ghanbari Jahromi, a Global Teacher Prize 2017 top-...
Tuesday 4th of April 2017
Royal visit comes as new figures show Varkey Foundation project has delivered more than 700 hours of English and Maths lessons via interactive distance learning technology using...
Friday 31st of March 2017
Press Release:
Varkey Foundation Challenge Fund includes grant to help train every UK teacher to support pupils with mental health problems
A project to provide every UK teacher...
Wednesday 22nd of March 2017
The success of the Varkey Foundation’s US $1M Global Teacher Prize, now celebrating its third year of success, has inspired National Teacher Prizes in over 20...
Sunday 19th of March 2017
In one of the world’s most remote regions, surrounded by snow and ice, Maggie McDonnell is changing the lives of her students and transforming her community.
The winner of the...
Sallyann Della Casa
Thursday 2nd of March 2017

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How many cars and buses are daily moving kids back and forth to concrete basecamps? How much of a parent’s focus and presence at work is interrupted by...
Kennedy Odede
Tuesday 21st of February 2017
Research shows that girls are still more likely than boys to never be in a classroom. This means that despite the global efforts in the past few decades from governments and...


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