Join us in helping to change lives through education.

We at the Varkey Foundation believe in change and that starts with the team we build to make change happen.

The Varkey Foundation believes in a quality of education for every child. We think you need to bring the best people together, in an environment full of creativity, leadership and passion to make real change happen. We work to make the world a better place.

You will be part of our team and we want you to enjoy the time you spend contributing to the success of the foundation. Our aim is that you can be your ‘best self’ in our organisation, contributing always to your own personal growth as well as our incredible mission.

Please review our jobs postings regularly and apply for a specific opening. We are fortunate to receive a considerable number of applications from highly qualified individuals. We will contact those candidates who best match the position requirements to begin the interview process.


There are currently no jobs available. For the latest news, updates and job postings please follow us on: Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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