We work with governments and partner organisations to build new programmes that will deliver better school leaders, better teachers in classrooms and better results across the board.

Every child deserves a good teacher. We support teachers around the world to drive up educational standards and improve access learning for students, no matter their location or circumstances.

Through our programmes we aim to learn from and spread best practice around the globe, from initial teacher training to leadership. We help to reach remote, underprivileged and displaced children, improving access to education for some of the hardest to reach communities.

To date, our programmes have trained 46,000 teachers in 3,000 schools around the world, reaching more than 1.6 million children.

  • Girls’ education

    Getting – and keeping – girls in education is a major challenge in many parts of the world. Through satellite technology and distance learning we have improved access to basic literacy and numeracy. Our after-school programmes help empower young girls, raising confidence, self-esteem and aspirations.

    Working with the Department for International Development’s Girls’ Education Challenge, our MGCubed project has also helped to reduce absenteeism and attainment in core subjects.

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  • Refugee education

    Through our distance learning and teacher training programmes, we bring education to some of the world’s most disadvantaged and remote children.

    Working with UNHCR, we have provided nearly 500 hours of tuition to children in refugee camps in East Africa, helping children and their communities better integrate into society and their host countries.

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  • Education technology

    Our programmes build on the latest EdTech to improve and enable learning beyond the traditional classroom.

    Through interactive distance learning, delivered by satellite and solar power, we connect with pupils around the world and spread training and knowledge across our projects. We help improve teaching practices, develop subject knowledge and create more engaging and inspiring classrooms.

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  • Teacher training

    Equipping teachers with the skills, knowledge and tools to drive change and improve standards is core to our purpose. From just starting out to leadership roles, we aim to fundamentally change the way teachers are trained.

    Using face-to-face and distance learning, we want to improve both teachers’ and pupils’ experiences to make classrooms an inspiring place to learn.

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