Where We Work

We deliver programmes and support partners around the world to improve standards of education.

The Varkey Foundation is an international foundation headquartered in the UK (London), with offices in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Ghana (Accra), UAE (Dubai) and Uganda (Kampala). We work all around the world to deliver our mission of ensuring that every child has a good teacher.

Our work depends on high-quality implementing teams and partnerships with policymakers, governments, experts, international bodies and innovators to provide context-relevant solutions to teacher education challenges. By the end of 2017, we had funded training for 46,000 teachers in three countries, improved school leadership in over 3,000 schools, and transformed learning quality for more than 1.6 million pupils.

Our flagship Global Education and Skills Forum is held in UAE (Dubai) and is the world’s leading education forum. To raise the status of teachers, we run the annual Global Teacher Prize, where the winning teacher receives a prize of US$1 million. In 2017, we had over 30,000 applications and nominations from 173 countries around the world. Due to the success of the Global Teacher Prize, we initiated and continue to support a growing movement of National Teacher Prizes, currently running in more than 30 countries.