Global Teacher Prize Ambassadors

We are growing a community of the best teachers in the world.

Every year, the top 50 finalists of the Global Teacher Prize join an extraordinary community of the world's finest teachers. We call them the Global Teacher Prize Ambassadors.

We work with these outstanding teachers to shed light on the expertise and capacity of teachers worldwide, giving those who work in the front line of education the recognition and voice that they deserve, to influence policy and practise.

Global Teacher Prize Ambassadors are leaders in their field and will stop at nothing to ensure that all children get a good education. As well as having a voice at policy level, the teachers work together on global projects, reaching an increasing number of teachers and children across the globe.

We now have almost 350 ambassadors from more than 80 countries. Many teach in communities facing discrimination, poverty and conflict and while they are all different, they share the belief that education transforms lives.

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