Key data: Young people worldwide want an end to prejudice

01 Jun 2020 |

Banner: High school students speak at a Model UN at the 2018 Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai, UAE

Research has found that ending prejudice and economic inequality are priorities for young people globally


Young people globally think that ending prejudice would bring people together more than any other factor. That’s according to a poll of 20,000 young people in 20 countries by the Varkey Foundation, first published in 2017, which explored the attitudes and opinions of Generation Z. Asked to choose one factor that would make the greatest difference in uniting people, respondents overwhelmingly picked “An end to prejudice on the grounds of race, religion and gender”. Greater economic equality was also a priority for many of the young people polled, and this was particularly the case among respondents in Asia. Notably, few young people worldwide chose either religion or technology as the key factor that they believed would unite people. The research offers an encouraging picture of a generation of young people who are opposed to discrimination in all its forms.