Investing in the future of education.

Changing the future of education means making new ideas a reality.

The diversity of challenges facing the education sector makes it ripe for innovation and new thinking. We are committed to growing and supporting these ideas, making sure they reach their full potential.

The Varkey Foundation Challenge Fund selects the most promising early stage ideas which offer opportunities to improve teaching standards, build capacity and strengthen the status of the teaching profession globally.

We want to address the problems of under investment in the education system and teacher training that fails to sufficiently equip teachers for the classroom or to lead. Our fund aims to shift the way teachers are trained and perceived by investing in initiatives that will have a significant, enduring impact.

Since the fund’s launch in 2016, we have backed projects around the world, helping to train nearly 1,000 teachers and school leaders. More than 10,000 pupils have benefitted from the projects we have funded.

Our Grantees

Teach for Uganda

Zivica, Bratislava, Slovakia

Invincible Me, London, UK

Arab Campaign for the Education of All (ACEA), led by Teacher Creativity Center (TCC)

Center for Innovative Education “Pro.Svit”

Teach for Ghana

Bridging Education and Mobility (BEAM) China

Jusoor, Lebanon