Leadership & Innovation, Latin America

The Varkey Foundation delivers professional, sustainable and replicable programmes for principals and teachers to become managers of real change within their own institutions and drive up teaching standards through better training.  In addition, the programmes develop essential skills to strengthen their pedagogical leadership. Together with these aspects, the programmes promote rethinking schools in a way that meets the social and organisational realities of life in a digital age.

The Educational Leadership and Innovation Program (known as PLIE, its acronym in Spanish) has been implemented since October 2016, first in Argentina, later in Uruguay and Ecuador. By implementing innovation projects, Principals and teachers trained are transforming their schools and communities.  In fact, around 90% of teachers surveyed report that they perceived changes in their institutions after the participation of their principal in the main programme of the foundation.

Due to the pandemic, we decided to carry out a series of surveys to better understand the situation and adapt our work. As a result of listening and reflection, we designed the following programs:

  • Comunidad Atenea: A learning space where teachers are the center of a collaborative experience, impact-based sharing innovation, and work with peers. Discover it: https://comunidadatenea.org/
  • Innovation Studio, a safe environment for teachers to learn hands-on the most relevant didactic practices to improve their classes. It provides technological tools to bridge the gaps created by the pandemic.
  • Project-Based Learning, one of our most important face to face programs that has now been implemented fully online with high interaction between the participants.

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