Expert groups that advise us on thematic areas.

We believe that bringing together the right people, at the right time, on the right issue, can change the world.

That's why the Varkey Foundation has invited some of the world’s leading thinkers on education, business and policy-making to come together in Global Education and Skills Forum Alliances.

Together, these expert groups have broken new ground on some of education’s biggest issues and taken on some of its greatest challenges. Their work has shown how a better, more equitable education for all can change the world.

Their expert members are rethinking some of education’s biggest challenges. And showing us how education can change the world.

  • Experience, expertise, excellence. Our alliance members come from all around the world. From government, business, academia, civil society and teaching. Each brings different experiences and skills.
  • The biggest issues. Each alliance works on one key issue in education. From teachers, universities and assessment, to climate change, conflict and global citizenship.
  • Fresh thinking. Each alliance works over the course of the year to develop new insights into their issue.

Current alliances:

Alternative Models for Universities

“Building meaningful and sustainable educational and research partnerships between universities is becoming critical to the success of institutions of higher education.”
Co-chair Soulaymane Kachani (Columbia University)

The Alternative Model for Universities Alliance is examining different types of educational and research partnerships between universities.

Co-chairs: Soulaymane Kachani (Columbia University) and Arturo Condo (Earth University)

Assessment and Impact in Development

“To solve the global learning crisis affecting hundreds of millions of children, we must work together with communities and teachers to ensure data are collected and lead to innovative, simple, scalable solutions to enhance the quality of children’s educational experience.”
Co-chairs Pauline Rose (REAL Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge) and Baela Raza Jamil (Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi)

The Assessment and Impact in Development Alliance is working on how assessment can lead to improvement in learning, in particular for the most disadvantaged.

Co-chairs: Pauline Rose, REAL Centre, Cambridge University and Baela Raza Jamil, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi

Climate Change Education

“Climate change is one of the biggest threats that children will face today and in the future.”
Co-chair Sonia Medina (Children’s Investment Fund Foundation)

The Climate Change Education Alliance is working on a new agenda for climate change education, from climate literacy, behavioural change and skills and training.

Co-chairs: Sonia Medina (Children's Investment Fund Foundation) and Leo Horn-Phathanothai (World Resources Institute)

Girls’ Education

“We know that investing in girls leads to healthier communities, economic growth, reduction of conflict, respect for women’s rights and more.”
Co-chair Philippa Lei (Malala Fund)

The Girls’ Education Alliance is working to highlight best practices in gender-responsive pedagogy.

Co-chairs: Hendrina Doroba (FAWE Girls’ Education) and Philippa Lei (Malala Fund)

Global Citizenship

“Education is vital for… cultivating the knowledge skills, and values that prepare all children to be active, productive, and informed citizens of their respective countries and our global world.”
Co-chairs Jennifer Boyle (Primary Source) and Nafisa Shekhova (Aga Khan Foundation)

The Global Citizenship Alliance is working to showcase examples of global citizenship education in action throughout the world in different socio-economic settings.

Co-chairs: Jennifer Boyle (Primary Source) and Nafisa Shekhova (Aga Khan Foundation)

Post-Conflict and Peace Education

“Teachers working in some of the world’s forgotten crises and conflict zones face significant challenges to keep children safe, provide learning and a regular rhythm to their lives.”
Co-chair Nadine Grant (Plan International)

The Post-Conflict and Peace Education Alliance is working to support teachers working in conflict and crisis situations through a project to capture their voices.

Co-chairs: Nadine Grant (Plan International) and Sanjeev Rai (Swedish Committee for Afghanistan)

Public Private Partnerships

The Public Private Partnerships Alliance is working to identify ways in which cross-sector partnerships can support quality education programs in public schools.

Co-chairs: Susannah Hares (Ark) and Asif Saleh (BRAC)


“We should not compromise on the goal of ensuring that every child has equal access to a quality teacher if we are to secure a prosperous and sustainable future for all.”
Co-chair Kwame Akyeampong (Sussex University)

The Teachers Alliance is working to identify examples of good practice in teachers across the world.
Co-chairs: Emiliana Vegas (Inter-American Development Bank) and Kwame Akyeampong (Sussex University)