Instructional Leadership Training, Uganda

Low-cost training and high impact programme addressing the issues of teacher quality.

The Instructional Leadership Programme aims to address the whole school system and provide enough support, knowledge and skills to school heads and their teachers, to enable them to create self-sustaining learning communities.

The programme aims to improve the quality of teaching by creating networks of highly trained professionals who can guide struggling teachers locally thus raising the quality of pedagogical practice in every classroom and improving the whole school system. Over 9% of Uganda’s primary school teachers have now accessed some Varkey Foundation ILP training.

The programme has impacted:


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How do we do it?

Our full-time teacher trainers carry out training for each school leader representing a different community within each district. The programme is aiming for saturation of the districts until all the schools are trained to ensure a community of trained teachers in the areas of pedagogy. The programme has 5 different phases:

  1. 5-day intensive face to face course: aimed at school principals and senior management team members, focuses on the skills required to improve pedagogy within the school and includes an embedded “train-the-trainer” course so principals can cascade their learning to teachers at their schools.
  2. Saturation of training across whole counties and sub-counties: Training will remain until all counties and sub-county schools are all trained (saturated). Training is also provided to District and County DEOs/CCTs/NGOs who can support the training by applying pressure at school-level and monitoring impact.
  3. Saturday Workshops: Every second Saturday of the school term, the foundation delivers a 3-hour workshop to School Leaders, based on based analysis of school needs taken from the field and building on the content from the initial 5-day programme.
  4. Satellite schools: Schools that have gone through the Instructional Leadership Programme are able to become satellite schools and serve as the hub for 10 nearby schools to ensure deeper sustainability. Over each 12-month period, support is provided by foundation trainers on the ground in school improvement, professional development and building professional learning networks.
  5. Primary Teacher Training College: We train Teaching College Tutors in the latest teaching methodologies over a 12 month period, developing their knowledge and the quality of their training. They in turn, pass these new methodologies onto pre-service teachers entering Ugandan schools.

Lanyero Joyce - Senior Education Officer, Amuru District