Girls’ Education

A girl’s experiences of school will be fundamentally shaped by her teacher’s understanding of gender equity.

This new toolbox is intended to help education practitioners around the world to be more gender responsive.

Philippa Lei, Malala Fund

Resource Toolbox on Gender Responsive Pedagogy

About the Toolbox
Cultivating in teachers and school management teams the knowledge, skills and attitudes to support gender equity in schools, as well as training them in practical aspects of gender responsive learning materials, teaching practices, communication and classroom set-up, has a major impact on girls’ participation and learning in school. This toolbox brings together a number of high quality resources aimed at supporting education practitioners to be more gender responsive in the way that education is delivered.

The majority of tools identified here are aimed at teachers, teacher trainers and school management staff. They are free to use but, in order to help organisations continue to improve the tools they offer, we will ask you a few questions before and after you access the tools so that we can continue to improve the quality and range of tools available on this issue.

Resources for Teachers, Teacher Trainers and School Management

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Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE): Gender Responsive Pedagogy: A Teacher’s Handbook (2005)

The FAWE Gender-Responsive Pedagogy (GRP) teachers’ Handbook is designed to be used by teachers and teacher trainers as practical guide to making teaching and learning processes gender responsive.

The GRP aims to equip teachers and school management with knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to respond adequately to the learning needs of girls and boys.

Specifically, the GRP demonstrates how to transform teaching and learning processes to become gender-responsive in relation to lesson planning, teaching and learning materials, language use in the classroom, classroom set-up, classroom interaction and the role of school management in supporting gender-responsive pedagogical approaches in the school.

The GRP model has been tried tested and is implemented through school-based in-service training, and through pre-service training at teacher training colleges.

Discovery Learning Alliance

Discovery Learning Alliance (DLA) partners with schools and communities to transform education through teacher professional development, community engagement, educational media and other dynamic learning resources. Gender responsive pedagogy is an important element of DLA’s extensive teacher training.

The following resources were created in collaboration with educators in Africa and are used by thousands of primary and junior secondary level teachers and teacher educators on the continent to cultivate and support gender responsive classrooms and schools, introduce new female role models, and establish girls’ clubs.

Introduction to Gender Concepts