Creating Gender Responsive Schools & Classrooms

Discovery Learning Alliance (DLA) offers a 2-day training module that provides an opportunity for teachers to examine important gender issues.

Participants analyze the curriculum, teaching practices and the school environment, and develop practical recommendations for promoting gender equality.

Training sessions include a wide selection of guides, activities, handouts, and videos. Selected teacher training modules:

Download Session 3
Session 3: Barriers to Girls’ Education Guide and Activity Handout (PDF): By the end of this session, teachers will be able to list common barriers to girls’ education with a focus on the school and classroom.
Download Session 4
Session 4: Gender Analysis of Curriculum Guide and Activity Handout (PDF):  By the end of this session, teachers will be able to analyze curriculum content to identify common stereotypes and discuss what teachers can do to counter these common stereotypes.
Download Session 6
Session 6: Creating Safe Spaces Guide and Activity Handout (PDF): By the end of this session, teachers will be able to define ‘safe space’, identify girl-specific needs and suggest ideas on what teachers can do to create safe spaces.
Selected teacher training videos - videos in the playlist below:

Segment 1: An Introduction to Discovery Learning Alliance Teacher Training (2:02) – Teachers enter into an animated classroom where learning is brought to life.

Segment 4: Introduction to Gender Concepts (1:27) – Introduces educators to gender, stereotypes and gender bias, and explains how stereotypic ideas about boys and girls can often exclude them from equal opportunities in the classroom.

Segment 5: Gender in the Classroom (4:05) – In a unique peer-to-peer experience, teachers share strategies used to develop gender equality in the classroom.

Segment 6: Student-Centered Learning (2:32) – Step inside an animated classroom to observe student-centered learning – an important foundation for gender equality.

Segment 7: An Active Student-Centered Classroom (2:58) – In a unique peer-to-peer experience, teachers share ideas on how to develop student-centered lessons – building toward gender equality.

Segment 8: Student-Centered Learning as a Girl Friendly Strategy (2:20) – Building on segment 7 “An Active Student-Centered Classroom,” observe teachers using group work and other strategies to ensure that girls and boys are equally engaged.

More resources:

Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)Gender-Responsive Education Training Module (2012) - click on first link on page to download all parts of module

Internal contact: Natalie Brackett,

Download the PDF
UNESCO – International Bureau of Education (IBE): A Resource Packet for Gender-Responsive STEM Education (2017)

Developed to address gender gaps in STEM. Module 3, starting on page 102, focuses on development of pedagogy and improvement of in-classroom experience

Resource packets offers a theoretical framework at gender responsive methods within STEM and “provides comprehensive guidance for national policy makers, curriculum specialists and developers, teachers, teacher educators, school leaders and district level administrators”.

Download the PDF
IREXCreating Supporting Learning Environments (2014)

Educator guide, features contributions from almost 70 countries, and includes tools and strategies that resulted in reports of increased leadership for all students in classrooms, recognition of the importance of gender-inclusivity in lesson planning and classroom work and how it positively affects the larger classroom and learning experience.

More toolkits, guidance and video on the following areas:   

Resources for Education Policy Makers

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