Life skills: African Women Making a Difference

By bringing unique female role models to their schools and classrooms, teachers find encouragement and powerful tools for building gender equality in education.

Selected videos in this series:

Halima, Journalist (7:42)  Halima is a young journalist from Kenya trying to bring peace to her community through informative radio broadcasts.

Gloria, Nurse (9:24)  Gloria is a nurse specializing in ophthalmology at Tamale West Hospital in Ghana – restoring vision for children so they can learn in school.

Grace, Teacher & Role Model (7:02)  Grace is a teacher from Niger State in Nigeria.  She became the first woman from her community to ever go to college and is now a teacher.

Rosie, Community Leader (8:30)  Rosie is a former gang member from Nairobi, Kenya who is fighting to turn her life around through education.

Miriam, Bicycle Mechanic (4:49) – Learn how Miriam followed her passion to become a skilled bicycle mechanic despite the fact that there are few women in the field and a childhood accident left her with a physical disability.

Download the lesson guide
Video Lesson Guide [PDF]: Setting Goals and Being a Role Model Handout
Download the lesson guide
Video Lesson Guide [PDF]: Setting Goals Handout.
Download the lesson guide
Video Lesson Guide [PDF]: Facing Challenges Handout.

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