Asia is a rapidly growing area of focus for our research, advocacy, and campaigning work, as well as our programmes support.

Through our Challenge Fund, we support early-stage ideas that have big potential to change the future of education. In Asia, this includes Bridging Education and Mobility China, which aims to revolutionise rural Chinese education by launching a teacher development network that focuses on problem-based learning practices.

Global Teacher Prize and National Teacher Prize
We are very proud to celebrate the best teaching across Asia with support for National Teacher Prizes throughout the region and our $1 million Global Teacher Prize.

In 2018, several of the Global Teacher Prize finalists were from Asia, including a Nepalese teacher whose students live a semi-nomadic life in the Himalayas, and an Indonesian teacher who uses robotics to inspire his students.

Policy and research
We believe research is crucial in transforming the international understanding of education in countries across Asia. Our body of research includes data from numerous countries throughout the region, including from South Korea, Japan, China, and India.

We also bring together groups of like-minded people, from top leaders and thinkers represented in our Atlantis Group to our Varkey Teacher Ambassador community, to effect change throughout the education system.